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OurOur Mission

Through  which  those 
with  physical  and  neurological
 disablilities  can  experience  the  world.

Our Mission

Our daughter, Andi, suffered from the physical and neurological limitations of Rett Syndrome.  As we watched her deal with these limitations, we realized how important it was for her to experience the same things everyone else did.  Andi left us in December 2001.  To honor her memory, we established the Andi Stelzner Fund to help provide support and opportunities for physically and neurologically challenged children and adults so they might enjoy as much of life as possible.  Please peruse our website.  We hope you will enjoy some or all of it and, of course, lend your support by a contribution to anything that moves you. 

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The  Andi Stelzner Fund was established under the auspices of the Dupage Foundation to provide social and participative opportunities and support for those members of the community who suffer physical or neurological disabilities.